I’m on the board of this fantastic rescue called Pick of the Litter Society and they handle orphaned domestic animals. When I say they, I really mean Inge, the president and heart of the society. She runs the rescue out of her home, caring for over 300 animals a year, mainly kittens with a hand full of puppies thrown in.

I try to do what I can to help the society, and I came up with this messy yet adorable fundraiser. We decided it was about time the free-loading kittens earn their way, so we put them to work!

All canvases were primed with a base coat of paint in various colours, mainly depending on where my mood took me.

Once primed it was time to get our kitten artist ready. Vincent Van Gogh was up first. He was little nervous at first, but after a talk with Reilly (who crashed the session) he was good to go.

The kittens where carefully dipped in non-toxic kitten friendly paint, then let loose to work their magic.

This was one the most enjoyable and adorable projects that provided a lot of laughs for all involved.

Nothing was put to waste and even the drop sheet was kept as a table cloth for the first exhibit of their art work. Each painting came with a certificate of authenticity with a little bio about one of the ‘Artists’ involved.